Article Teacher development and multiliteracies pedagogy: Challenges and opportunities for postsecondary language programs

Paesani, Kate; Allen, Heather Willis
Volume 01 - Issue 1
literacies; multiliteracies framework; language teacher education; professional development
University of Hawaii National Foreign Language Resource Center; (co-sponsored by American Association of University of Supervisors and Coordinators; Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition; Center for Educational Reources in Culture, Language, and Literacy; Center for Open Educational Resources and Language Learning; Open Language Resource Center; Second Language Teaching and Resource Center)
Paesani, K., & Allen, H. W. (2020). Teacher development and multiliteracies pedagogy: Challenges and opportunities for postsecondary language programs. Second Language Research & Practice, 1(1), 124-138.
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Over the past two decades, postsecondary language programs have experienced a paradigm shift away from communicative approaches toward more text-based curricula and the development of students’ multiple literacies. Numerous curricular and course-level models exist, and empirical research has documented the feasibility, linguistic outcomes, and perceptions of multiliteracies approaches. Yet few studies have investigated how postsecondary language teachers learn about and implement multiliteracies pedagogy and limited professional development resources exist to support teachers in this endeavor. To respond to these gaps and to recent calls for increased research into multiliteracies pedagogy and language teacher development, this article has three aims. First, we summarize current knowledge about postsecondary language teachers’ understandings and implementation of the multiliteracies framework, beginning with the 2011 AAUSC volume and continuing to the present. Next, we identify gaps and unanswered questions in this scholarship and suggest directions for future research. Finally, we discuss professional development needs for language teachers and program directors implementing multiliteracies approaches in postsecondary language programs and suggest tools and practices that might facilitate this work.